Green Things Garden in Brockville is holding a class to make spring flower containers. The containers will hold Perennials and Annuals arrangements.

The class is being held on March 30th starting at 1:00, and admission will be $45 per person. Money raised from the class will go toward helping build the splash pad in Prescott this Summer.

The splash pad committee has raised $5000 in fundraising for the splash pad, as well as the $125,000 Trillium grant that the town received earlier this year.

Committee member Kim Durant says that they’d like to continue to raise money, since some of the equipment can be expensive. The committee would also like to add picnic tables and canopies to the splash pad so parents and families can have shelter.

Another topic of discussion surrounding the splash pad is where the final location will be. The committee will be holding meetings to discuss the pros and cons of each area.

Durant says that at the end of the day, the committee just wants to have a splash pad in Prescott, and hope to pick the best possible spot.

Written by Nick Ainger