Prescott Council awarded the refrigeration contract for the new Leo Boivin Arena to CIMCO.

The alternative was to issue a request for proposal (RFP). The vote was held Monday. The RFP would open up the contract selection to a bidding process.

Director of Public Works Dan Beattie says if they issued the RFP it would set them back about three months in the engineering process.

Mayor Brett Todd says he would have been in favour of the RFP if there were significant competitors, but going with CIMCO works for the Town. It allows council to keep a closer eye on fundraising and grant opportunities coming later this year.

Councillors Lee McConnell and Mike Ostrander both voted against going with CIMCO, favouring the RFP process.

Mayor Brett Todd says CIMCO is one of the top refrigeration companies, if not the industry leader in Canada.

CIMCO maintains 125 arenas across Eastern Ontario, as well as 23 NHL arenas in North America. They were also the ice supplier for the previous Leo Boivin Arena for 30 years.