You can help local animals with a cupcake party.

National Cupcake Day is set for February 25th this year. The Ontario SPCA Leeds and Grenville Animal Centre are encouraging people to hold cupcake parties to raise money to support animal welfare.

The parties can be held any day leading up to National Cupcake Day. This campaign has raised over three million dollars to date. The centre’s manager Marianne Carlyle says this event raises funds that are needed and give homeless animals care, love and a second chance.

People can register their cupcake party at for free.

ACA2 at the centre, Jacob Horton, says anyone can bake cupcakes and pick up pledge forms at the centre or on the website. He adds fundraising can be done independently, at work and it’s limitless where it can be done.

The centre is located at 800 Centennial Road in Brockville. You can visit their website here.