The Town of Prescott is reminding people not to illegally dump at the Salvation Army.

Manager of Building and By-Law Services Shawn Merriman says there is still an ongoing investigation from the garbage that was dumped there in December. He adds people have been charged in the past for dumping at this location.

Mayor Brett Todd says this issue has been going on for a long time and it’s fairly common for people to dump there. He adds the items left there can end up on King Street and Water Street and make a mess.

“We’re really asking don’t dump anything. People will dump one item, but if there’s 10 people dumping one item you’ve got a pile yet again, and it just becomes something the Salvation Army and the town has to deal with.”

Employee and Volunteer at the store Marilyn Perrin and Christine Smith say the dumping has increased from previous years. They say items have been left in front of doors causing a fire hazard.

Perrin and Smith explain donations can be dropped off in the store. The store is open from 10 until four daily, Monday to Friday.

The Salvation Army Thrift Store is located at 183 King Street West in Prescott.