The Town of Prescott is reminding residents that all dogs need tags. Staff will be knocking on doors to check for tags this month. People can pick up a dog tag at the Town Hall. The cost is $20. People can be fined $70 for not having a dog tag.

Manager of Building and Bylaw Services Shawn Merriman says the tags are really about getting dogs back to their owners. He says it’s important to get the dogs back home quickly because it’s stressful for the animal and owner.

Merriman says the animal control officer has picked up 20 dogs so far this year and only 3 of them had tags. He says if people have a tag, they are not charged for boarding costs if the dog is picked up by animal control.

Merriman says staff will be out checking for dog tags on four different days. He says often it’s a case of people forgetting.

About 200 dog tags were issued so far this year. Merriman says he suspects that figure represents less than half of the dogs in Prescott.

For more information, contact Merriman by calling 613-925-2812 ext. 6206.