If you still have to pick up a Halloween costume for your child this weekend, the OPP has a few safety recommendations to pass along.

Leeds OPP has released a number of tips that it says will help make the evening a memorable and safe one.

The OPP says you should discourage the use of masks for your children. Masks make it hard for kids to see what is around them, including vehicles. The OPP recommends make-up as a better alternative.

The OPP also recommends you purchase or make a costume using bright colours to increase your child’s visibility in the dark.

As for homeowners, the OPP says that replacing burnt-out bulbs outdoors is a good idea before Halloween night. You may also want to remove items from your yard or porch that could cause a child to trip. Finally, sweep any wet leaves from your steps and sidewalks to prevent slipping.

The OPP reminds anyone to call 1-888-310-1122 if they see any suspicious activity during the Halloween celebrations.