Kevin Bunce is running for Council in Prescott. He says his plans are coming up with better ways of setting money aside for infrastructure. Bunce explains that Prescott has a lot of infrastructure issues right now that are going to cost a lot of money that the town doesn’t have.

Bunce says he’s a big supporter of downtown revitalization. He says he owns Furniture Past in Prescott and says he wants to invest in Prescott because businesses like his that are definitely needed.

“I’m interested in seeing downtown grow. This would come from a lot of promotion. Business needs to be promoted, vacant space needs to be promoted. Anything to get people downtown.”

Bunce explains that he’s decided to run because the town is in need of getting assistance to get back on its feet. He says he’s originally from Brockville and moved here with intentions to grow up in this town and help it grow. Bunce adds he’s a fresh set of eyes with a different perspective.

Bunce says the arena and water tower are infrastructure issues that are obvious priorities. He also says he’s assuming at some point there are some streets that will need to be done in the next few years because some have been done already.

He notes he’s interested in seeing some updating to Kelly’s Bay and Centennial Park. Bunce says he’d like to see the beach made a little bigger and possibly having a boardwalk. Another thing Bunce says he’s spoken about is some paths, like bike, through the town.

Bunce says being an average working person who believes it is possible to help out the town makes him qualified for the position.

All Councillor candidate interviews have been posted. The 2018 Municipal Election is set for October 22.