Thomas Dixon is running for Council in Prescott. He says priorities for him would include working with people who have disabilities.

Dixon explains he’s grown up with a learning disability and has a son who was born with similar disabilities. He says he’s been able to implement coping skills and the idea of helping someone into everything he does. He adds the principles of helping others are what he is going to follow.

Dixon explains he’s decided to run for a Council position in Prescott to get out in the community where he lives, meet more people and get involved in town as well.

For infrastructure projects, Dixon says the water tower is the number one priority for Prescott. He adds maintaining infrastructure and bringing more businesses to the community is also important.

“I think priorities should be in bringing more business to the community, which brings more young people. And if we build it from the inside going out, advertise that as a new community growing. Nothing but looking forward for the town.”

Dixon says he has an Associate Degree in Microcomputer Business Applications. He notes he went back to college when he was 44-years old after he retired from the military.

The My Prescott Now newsroom will have all Councillor candidate interviews posted online by tomorrow. The 2018 Municipal Election is set for October 22.