Edwardsburgh/Cardinal Township has some new faces in the Fire Department and are looking for more.

The department has recruited eight new members to the team. Recruits started after January first this year. Mike Cleary, Justin Turrin, Derek Pope, Kaytland Burke, Ann Shorey, Lloyd Scott, Mike Ayerst and Phil VanSchie are the new members.

Fire Chief Brian Moore says the township is still recruiting for the department. He says there is a special need for people that are available to respond during the day. Moore explains volunteer firefighters train for emergency response when communities call, which can come in the middle of the night, and in almost every situation, under stressful and emotional circumstances.

“Being a volunteer firefighter isn’t something you do; it’s something you are. If you have a desire to contribute to keep your community safe, you could be a volunteer firefighter.”

He adds other responsibilities of a volunteer fire fighter would be assisting with community education and fire prevention.

The basic requirements for the job include: a valid driver’s license, applicants must be a minimum 18 years old, the ability to understand and communicate in English, physically able to perform tasks and duties of the job, able to commit to training, live and/or work in the response area and an acceptable vulnerable sector background check.

An application to apply to be a volunteer firefighter can be found on the township’s website here.