The Giant Tiger Distribution Centre is looking to hire local people.

CSE Consulting will be holding a hiring fair on Thursday from one to three in the afternoon. The fair will be at 191 King Street East in Prescott. Rod Palmer is a Job Developer at CSE Consulting and says people will be able to bring in their resume and express interest in working in the distribution centre.

“There will be an opportunity for them to basically register (for the Giant Tiger interview). They’ll have an opportunity to meet with somebody from Operations or Human Resources. There will be an opportunity to examine their police check status.”

Palmer says they are looking to hire around 50 people for the distribution centre.

“At this point in time, I think, (they are looking to hire) probably 36 to 40 over the next few weeks. A grand total of 50 to 55 over the next three months.”

They are looking for warehouse workers. Palmer says people in those jobs start out picking orders and, depending on their level of skill and ability, will have opportunities to operate forklifts and other machinery.

People attending this job fair are recommended to bring any other certification that may be applicable to this job. There will also be a similar hiring fair in Brockville from nine to 11 at the Employment and Education Centre onĀ 105 Strowger Boulevard. The fair in Brockville will be on Thursday as well.