The Leeds Grenville Small Business Enterprise Centre has 20 spots left for their free Starter Company Plus information session.

Starter Company Plus is a six month business training program for people who are over 18 and want to start or expand a business. People who can apply for the program must be able to contribute at least 25-percent of the grant money. Up to 5,000 dollars of funding is available through Starter Company Plus.

Jeanette Johnston is the Business Development Coordinator at the Leeds Grenville Small Business Enterprise Centre and says the information session will go over the details of the program and the contents of the program.

Johnston explains that this program is for people who know how to create a business using their skills. For example someone creates a painting business with their skills as a painter, but they don’t know how to run the business in terms of taking care of bookkeeping, cash flow, business planning etc.

The information session is on Wednesday, August 29th from 10 to 11 a-m at the Brockville Museum on five Henry Street. To register click here.