The Montreal group Spectres Paranormal Investigations will be leading a paranormal investigation demonstration on September first at the Battle of the Windmill National Historic Site.

Jim Devenny is the Chairman of the Friends of the Windmill and says the group visited the Windmill after hearing the name Von Schoultz when they were investigating Fort Henry. The group looked into the name and found out that Nils Von Schoultz was apart of the Battle of the Windmill in the 1800’s.

Devenny says the group called to investigate the Windmill and in April they heard the name Von Schoultz again.

Spectres will show attendees how the paranormal equipment is used. Two groups of 10 people, each, will be formed. One group will go in the tower and the other group will be outside on the trails. Both groups will get a chance to experience both outside and in the tower.

The event will run from seven p-m to midnight.

This event is a fundraiser for the Windmill and costs 20 dollars to secure a spot and spots are limited. The 20 dollars will go back to the Windmill for general repairs, more fundraising projects and future events at the site.

To book a spot call 613-925-5955 or email