Campfires will be restricted in the Leeds and Thousand Islands area. The burn ban has been in place since Saturday.

Rick Lawson is the Leeds and Thousand Islands Fire Chief and says the burn ban is in place because there is not enough moisture on the ground right now.


Lawson says they would look for a minimum of two inches of rain before lifting the ban.


Right now the ban includes all open fire burns. Lawson says if it’s a must that you have to cook over a campfire, burning is allowed but only for cooking purposes.

Lawson also adds the campgrounds and local parks around the area are limiting their allowed time for the campfire burns.

If someone is caught knowingly burning during a burn ban, other than a needed campfire, Lawson says charges will probably be laid and consequences for a fine.

Lawson wants people to be aware of what’s going on in the area.


The status of the burn ban can be found here.