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New crossover law now in effect across Ontario

Note: an earlier story reported details from a government-issued story that mentioned “crosswalks” and was confusing.* Here is the updated version:

A new law is now in effect across Ontario that will protect pedestrians at a cross-over. At any cross-over with lights, and school crossing zones with a guard, drivers must now wait until pedestrians have completely stepped off the road before they continue driving. Ontario’s new law applies to pedestrian-activated crossovers* identified by flashing amber lights on an overhead X sign.

If you break this law you could be fined between $150 and $500 dollars. The fine doubles if it happens at a school cross-over. The new regulations came into effect January 1st.

Nothing is changing at traffic lights. Drivers can still turn left or right through a safe gap and must always yield to a pedestrian in the crosswalk.

*see Ministry notes on crossovers


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